Temple of Yeha

Yeha is an ancient stone temple built about 2500 years ago in sabbean times in what is currently the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Yeha is less than two hours' drive from Axum through some dramatic highland scenery. To get there, head east for twenty kilometers to Adwa, continue along the main road towards Adigrat for another twenty four kilometers and then turn north on to a short dirt track, where you will see the imposing ruins of Yeha's Temple of the moon about four kilometers to the right of the track.

The ruins of this large, pre-Christian temple, erected around the fifth century BC, consist of a single roofless oblong chamber 20 meters long by 15 meters wide. The windowless 10 meters high walls are built of smoothly polished stones, some of them more than 3 meters long, carefully placed one top of the other without the use of mortar. Most of the remarkable artifacts from Yeha are currently to be found in the national museum in Addis Ababa.

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