12 Days Semien Trekking Tours

Scenic landscape, temperate climate and the tradition of generous hospitality make Ethiopian highlands to offer superb trekking opportunities .Trekking can be done in different ways which usually includes walking, riding horse or mule or a combination of the two .Trekking in Ethiopia doesn’t necessary involve unique skill, although it is obviously best if you are physically fit .The terrain is usually steep for only short periods, when walking rather than riding may be necessary.

The following well blend trekking tour programs will take you to scenic Semien and Bale mountain national parks and to Surma area (western Ethiopia), which gives you an extraordinary opportunity to climb the 1st and 2nd highest mountains in the country, help you discover the 4th largest biodiversity zone in the world hosting diverse endemic fauna, flora and bird species . The journey will also give you real experience on people’s way of living in the high land and the least visited remote western tribal areas.

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Tour Code: WET-501

Duration: 11 nights/12 days

Tour Title: Semien Trekking

Transport: Surface and flight

Day1. Arrive at Bole international airport and check in to hotel and depending the time availability make Addis Ababa city tour including National Museum to visit 3.4 million years old hominid (Lucy). The Trinity Church and Merkato (largest open air market in Africa).Overnight Hotel

Day2. Fly to Gondar and Drive to Debark

Morning flight to Gondar and drive about 100km Debark (Semien Mountain National Park HQ) and collect our entrance fee, and get scout and local guide who will escort our travel. Then continue driving to Sankabar (31 Kms) the first campsite of the National Park and make short walk around Sankaber to get first impression about the stunning Semien mountain and spot at least one of the endemic mammals ( Gelada Baboons ) and the bone breaker giant bird Lammergeyer . Overnight camping at Sankaber

Day3. Trek to Geech

Morning after breakfast start trekking to Geech through the Wazla River runs, making a short diversion to see one of the most impressive sights in the Simien Mountains, where the Jinbar River plummets into the Geech Abyss. Continuing along, you will cross the Jinbar River and ascend into the village of Geech which is full of Giant Lobelias. The scenery is wonderful, and heard of the endemic Gelada Baboon can be seen on our way. Overnight night camping at Geech.

Day4. Trek Geech -Imetgogo -Geech.

Morning resume trek to the best viewpoints in the national park ,Imetgogo with 3926 mt altitude, the view enables one to look 360 to all directions . After short break walk to another most spectacular view point of Saha. Lunch will be Enroute from lunch box. After we spend short time to the last view point Quedadit, we walk back to Geech Campsite .Overnight Camping in Geech

Day5. Trek to Chenek

Today we start trekking through forested valleys, cross Jin Bahir River, continue crossing the steep plain and reach the escarpment of Enatiye which gives breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. This is the best site to spot the endemic Walia Ibex and Gelada Baboon. Overnight Camping at Chenek

Day6. Trek to Ambiqo

Morning after breakfast trek to Ambikwa at the foot of Ras Dashen and continue east to Buwahit peak (4,330 m) , the second highest peak in Ethiopia and an incredible spot offering wonderful views of the Meshesha River and first glimpse of Ras Dashen Mountain). Coming down from Buwahit we pass through the town of Chiroleba and cross Mesheha River before a gentle climb to the Ambiko campsite which is situated next to the village church. Overnight Camping at Ambiqo

Day7. Climb Ras Dashen and trek back to Ambiqo

Start early walk through the main valley and climb to the highest peak in Ethiopia Ras Dashen (4620m) passing through a huge semi-circular basin of rocky peaks . The last section before the peak is a scramble and where you are rewarded with breathtaking viewpoint. Then after descend back to Ambiqo . Overnight Camping at Ambiqo

Day8. Trek to Sona

Today we will trek to Sona, a valley that provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. First trek back downwards to the river and after a short and steep climb; begin to walk gradually up the valley. After lunch break continue up through breathtaking landscapes and mountain villages hosting the indigenous Amhara people. Finally you will be rewarded with Spectacular views found around the camping site. Overnight Camping at Sona.

Day9. Trek to Mekarebia

Today you will make 3hrs descent trek before you stop under massive fig tree for lunch and coffee break with locals. Then resume 2 hrs walk to reach campsite at Mekarbiya. Overnight Camping

Day10. Trek to Mukit

Morning start trekking to Mulit, which takes 4-5 hrs passing through short climb. Overnight Camp

Day11. Drive back to Gonder

This last day of your trek will takes you to the town of Adiarkay where you meet the main road and car waiting to collect you. Then drive back to Gondar. Overnight hotel

Day12. Fly back to Addis Ababa

Fly back to Addis Ababa and enjoy the last minute shopping and farewell dinner in famous traditional restaurant. Then transfer to airport and departure.

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