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Trekking in Ethiopia does not involve being super-fit. Horses, mules and donkeys are universal means of transport, so horse trekking has been a natural development. The terrain is usually steep for only short periods, when walking rather than riding may be necessary. In Bale Park, trips can be tailored to meet all individuals' needs, whether they are day trips around Dinsho or ten day hikes around the whole park. The principal, well-established areas for trekking are the Simien and Bale Mountains National Parks and Kibish area where Surma and other different tribes reside.

Lesser known trekking areas are in the remote south-west highlands, east and west of the Omo Valley where strong and colorful cultures complement the appeal of scenery, flora and fauna. Other beautiful areas include Mount Chilalo and the Arba Gugu area in Arsi, and the Chercher Mountains in Western Hararge. Trekking parties are normally accompanied by park rangers who help with the mules and are generally sharp-eyed and knowledgeable about flora, fauna and terrain.

Endowed with a temperate climate, grand mountain scenery and a tradition of generous hospitality, the Ethiopian highlands offer superb opportunities for trekking and mountain climbing. The sport is still developing but mountain climbing is now organized on the Semien mountain national Park, Bale Mountains NP and Geralta massifs of Tigray.

Ethiopia's Rift Valley lakes, highland massifs, lowlands and semi-deserts provide the varied terrain to support an amazing variety of birds. The country's position and terrain has enabled the evolution of many birds of the region into unique forms and species. Ethiopia boasts 857 bird species, of which 16 are endemic. Whether in the highland forests or plateau, on the lakes, or in the lowlands, Ethiopia is an ornithological paradise for bird watchers.

The Sof Omar cave system, 120 kilometers east of Goba in Bale region, is one of the most spectacular and extensive underground caverns in the world. Formed by the Weyb River as it changed course in the distant past and carved a new channel through limestone foothills, the 16 kilo meters cave system is an extraordinary natural phenomenon of breathtaking beauty.

The dry, cool caves contain many marvels of natural architecture, including soaring pillars of stone 20 meters high, flying buttresses, fluted archways and tall airy vaults. Finally the river itself is reached, flowing through a deep gorge. You can explore the caves on foot, without special climbing equipment, but proper precautions have to be taken. Torches or other lighting are needed and another must is a map. The most direct route through the first part of the caves takes about an hour. The large central hall of Sof Omar, the 'Chamber of Columns' - so named after the colossal limestone pillars that are its dominant feature - is one of the highlights of the cave system.

In addition Achere and Aynage, the second and third longest caves in the country, are beautiful underground caverns worth to be visited. It is located in western Hararge province 26 km southeast of Mechara town, Wub Ethiopia tours can organize caving tour to these destinations .But if you want to do it by your own, necessary precautions needs to be taken (Caving equipments and local guides) before one jumps in to the caves.

There is better sport fishing opportunities in Ethiopia. Rivers and lakes are full of a wide variety of fish, some of extraordinary size. Ethiopia boasts more than 200 species of freshwater fish, including Nile perch, immense catfish, tiger fish, and brown and rainbow trout. Very few Ethiopians are anglers so visitors will find many unspoiled areas where they can fish in peace. A typical day's fishing may also include the bonus of seeing families of hippo, giant crocodiles, or pink clouds of flamingos.

Trace the beginnings of civilization in Ethiopia, widely believed to be the birthplace of humanity. Wub Ethiopia tour Historic North tour covers many of Ethiopia’s prime archaeological sites, but this can be modified to include other noteworthy places in Tigray and Afar, as well as the Paleolithic site of Melka Kunture in the Awash Basin and the ancient embellished stelae in Tiya.

Ethiopia's rivers have a potential for white water rafting, ecotourism and adventure. The Omo River, which clumsily goes for some 350 kilometers through steep, inaccessible valleys, is best to set up rafting holidays on the river. The best season for Omo river trips is September to October, when the water is still high.

Spirited rapids, innumerable side creeks and waterfalls, sheer canyons, hot springs, abundant wildlife, and exotic local people combine to make the Omo River one of the world's classic river adventures. River trips have also been organized on the Awash River and other expeditions have been held on the Blue Nile.

Paragliding looks set to become the latest feature of Ethiopia's burgeoning adventure tourism. Ethiopia has the ideal terrain and a number of tour companies are adding this sport to their activities.

For those looking for the challenge and adventure of a lifetime and want to explore and ride through some of Ethiopia’s most rugged and spectacular countryside by bike, WUB ETHIOPIA TOURS offers bicycle tour to Ethiopia. Participants will be exhilarated by the rich culture 3000 years of history thriving agricultural; and geographical and environmental diversity of the country. Biking through this ancient wonderful country one can meet and experience the culturally diverse people and the scenery seem to get more and more wonderful every day.

Travelers will have opportunities to meet rural villagers, craftsmen, educators and officials; to learn about the day to day life ; to attend and shop in local vibrant markets; to wander in historical, cultural and archeological sites of empires and kingdoms dating back many centuries and to enjoy the extraordinary friendliness of the people and inspirational beauty of the Abyssinian highlands. This awe inspiring corner of Africa is virtually undiscovered by Westerners.

Ethiopia possesses more than a million horses and mules. From time immemorial, horses – and mules – have been both prestige and power symbols, as well as one of the main actors in the conquests, wars and comings and goings inside the Ethiopian theatre. We provide long and short horse treks and rides of different routes across the scenic central plateau of Ethiopia. The itinerary can be done from a one day excursion up to 12 days trip.

While horse ridding one can encounter locals doing their day to day activities visit local markets and rural villages. Our exclusive horse treks and rides are well studied (6-8 hrs/day) and we use trails used by the locals. Nights will be spent camping with all the facilities and gears along with our professional services.

Camping in Ethiopia is almost the only way to visit the most beautiful, undeveloped, and unspoiled areas of the country. Some recognized campsites are provided in National Parks and other popular tourist areas, but finding somewhere to camp is seldom a problem. One word of caution; vervet monkeys and baboons are fond of picnics and will enter any open car or tent.

In the national parks and most highland areas, campers may pitch a tent, c1imp in. and enjoy a good night's sleep, untroubled by worries of unwelcome night visitors. Country people are for the most part, pacific, hospitable, and co-operative.

About 85% of Ethiopian population leaves in rural areas and generally rural Ethiopia’s environment is clean and the people are hospitable. Here the day to day farm activities and festival date back to many centuries. So to participate in this local ceremony and observe the day to day routine activity is becoming one of the fast growing forms of tourism in Ethiopia. In this regard Wub Ethiopia tour is ready to organize this activities and happy to advise tourists.

Ethiopia is the home of long distance running where many of the greatest runners of all time have come to dominate the world of distance running. The great Ethiopian Run event held in Addis Ababa and its extensions held in different regional centers are becoming very popular; the number of participants and countries are growing from year to year. In addition to this tour to places where these great Athletic Champions are born and involve in mass run together with famous athletes such as Haile Gebreselassie, Derartu Tulu,Gezaheg Abera, Kenenisa Bekele, and Tirunesh Dibaba is complementary for those tourists who are fond of the long distance running . So Wub Ethiopia tour (WET) is ready to assist your participation and we organize tailor made sport tourism tours.

Ethiopia is not only a land of stunning landscape and beautiful birds, the country also has several hot springs and beautiful crater lakes which are ideal places for honeymoon tours. As the number of high quality lodges and resorts establishments is increasing, similarly honeymoon destinations are also growing. So WET is ready to handle your honeymoon tour requests in Ethiopia.

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