The founder of WUB ETHIOPIA TOURS private company is an experienced tourism expert who has been working in tourism institutions for more than 25 years. In one of Ethiopian languages, in Amharic the word “Wub” means; Stunning, Wonderful, Beautiful, etc.

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Ethiopia has a number of festivals, many of them unique. Ethiopian festivals are colorful, fascinating and are all year round. Both traditional and religious festivals are celebrated by its diverse ethnic groups with their picturesque native lives in their most rustic settings.

Timket (the feast of Epiphany), falling on 19th January, is the greatest festival of the year, followed in importance by Meskal (Finding of the true cross) on 27th September. Easter is the most solemn of festivals but the Ethiopia New Year (Enkutatash) falls on 11th of September in the Western calendar. Genna (Ethiopia Christmas) is celebrated on 7th January. Among the traditional and religious festivals mostly visited by locals includes: Kulubi Gabriel, Sheikh Hussein, Gishen Mariam, Axum Tsion, Sof Omar, Erecha and Ashenda. Crowds pray for health, for a new baby, for a special favor or a good harvest, or to give thanks for wishes already granted.

The following festival tour programs covers major religious festivals in Ethiopia combined with historic route attractions and WUB ETHIOPIA TOURS is ready to take you to such unique, exquisite religious chants and jubilation places.