The founder of WUB ETHIOPIA TOURS private company is an experienced tourism expert who has been working in tourism institutions for more than 25 years. In one of Ethiopian languages, in Amharic the word “Wub” means; Stunning, Wonderful, Beautiful, etc.

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The Smoke of Fire [Tis Isat]

Known locally as Tis Isat - 'Smoke of Fire' the Blue Nile Falls is the most dramatic spectacle on either the White or the Blue Nile rivers. The breathtaking water fall is 40 meters wide when in flood, and dropping over a sheer chasm more than forty-five meters deep, the falls throw up a continuous spray of water, which drenches onlookers up to a kilometer away. This misty deluge produces rainbows, shimmering across the gorge, and a small perennial rainforest of lush green vegetation sheltering many monkeys and multi colored birds that inhabit the area.

To reach the falls, which are about 35 kilometers away, drive south from the town of Bahir Dar for about half an hour and stop at Tis Isat village.

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