The founder of WUB ETHIOPIA TOURS private company is an experienced tourism expert who has been working in tourism institutions for more than 25 years. In one of Ethiopian languages, in Amharic the word “Wub” means; Stunning, Wonderful, Beautiful, etc.

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LalibelaAccording to many travelers and writers, the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, is one of the eighth wonder of the world. Lalibela is a medieval settlement in the Lasta area of Wollo province, lies at the centre of an extensive complex of rock churches. Some can be reached by one or two hours' drive; others are a full day's journey. Lalibela has 11 remarkable rock-hewn monolithic churches, believed to have been built by King Lalibela in the late 12th or early 13th Century. These notable structures are carved, inside and out, into the solid rock, and are considered to be among the wonders of the world. Each building is architecturally unique but each reflects beautifully executed craftsmanship, and several are decorated with fascinating paintings. These astonishing edifices remain places of living worship to this day. The town was originally known as Roha, but was renamed after king Lalibela.

Lalibela is a holy shrine city of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and it is the best place to experience the most colorful Ethiopian church festivals especially during Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas (Genna), and Epiphany (Timket). Today Lalibela is the prime tourist destination of Ethiopia.

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